Erzscheidergården - Røros på sitt varmeste

Welcome to Erzscheidergården

in the heart of the mining town

Erzscheidergården - Røros på sitt varmeste

How nice to see you!

Røros at its warmest

Erzscheidergården - Røros på sitt varmeste

Experience the mining town

Røros at its warmest

ErzscheidergårdenErzscheidergården - Røros på sitt varmeste

Warmth and hospitality

Erzscheidergården in Røros

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Welcome. We are looking forward to having you as a guest!

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I travel a lot in my job, and at Erzscheidergården I’ve found the type of hospitality that makes a difference. They are kind and service-oriented and make me feel as if we’re old friends. Also, they make a breakfast like you wouldn’t believe!


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